beverley skeete
the selecter
neil pyzer

From the Bush To the Pridelands' was the first release on the Vocaphone record label. The composition on this recording was based around trying to capture a particular mood or emotion ,and this took precedence over the conventional concerns of song structure. Soundscapes,( or tone-poems I believe they have been called), are frequently used to paint pictures of emotions with sound.

The traditional drumkit is supplemented with Congas, Bongoes,Djembe,Tabla,Darbuka and many other exotic percussion instruments.

The sitar is featured extensively along with traditional acoustic and electric guitars.

Rather than try to interpret the music from other cultures , here we have the beautiful sounds created by those instruments, but used to create something new.



"An intriguing album in which the mysteries of the East are innovatively blended with the full- on fire of the West."- Brian Glasser (contributor to Q magazine,Jazzwise Magazine,HMV Choice Magazine.)

The Selmer Super Action 80 series 3 Soprano saxophone is used exclusively on this album.

In the forest Is a clearing that can only be found by someone who is lost.


"A Melodic,atmospheric meeting of jazz improvisation and pan-global world music textures. Pyzer's soprano saxophone weaves keenly and intelligently through impressions of the Orient, Morroccan market place, Flora and Airto-style Brazilliana and much more besides to create music that manages to stimulate and satisfy the brain as well as soothe tired nerve ends in the chill-out zone."- Rob Adams (jazz critic for the Herald- Scotland)

The Musicians on 'From The Bush to The Pridelands' are:

Neil Pyzer: Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards, Darbuka, Rainstick, Dholak and Samples.

Graham Cuttill: Drums, Congas, Bongoes, Djembe,Clave,Chinese Cymbals,Tambour, Eggs and Bell-Tree.Kamalesh Patel: Sitar Rob Harris: Guitar

Miles Kayne: Guitar Beverley Skeete: Voices

All compositions for Artichoke music by Neil Pyzer except 'Pedro': Pyzer/Skeete.(p)+(c)2001 Vocaphone Ltd.